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Inverter welding power sources SSVA 2

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About company

About company

SSVA welding inverters appeared on the Ukrainian market due to the introduction and putting into production at the MAXIMA PLUS company of the authoring by Kravchenko R. with the active participation of Vinogradsky V. and the whole team. We have many years of experience in developing sophisticated video game equipment and related software for him


Understanding the realities of the domestic welding market required the creation of a product that meets the following requirements:

Possibility to use as a current source for manual arc welding, gas-shielded arc welding with a mechanized feeding of welding wire and welding with non-consumable tungsten electrode in argon medium


Metal instrument casing capable of resisting the barbaric handling

loyal pricing policy

Loyal price policy for purchase and post-warranty service


Now our product line represented by SSVA-mini "Samurai", SSVA-160-2, SSVA-270 multifunctional inverter welding power sources that enable of MMA and TIG welding modes, and MIG/MAG mode when using of SSVA‑PU or SSVA-PU-3 welding wire feeder,  and SSVA-mini-140 for welding in MMA mode. We would like to draw your attention to SSVA-180-P, SSVA-270-P multifunctional inverter welding power sources, which provide an opportunity of MIG/MAG, MMA and TIG welding modes  in single housing, as well as a SSVA‑mini‑P "Samurai" multifunctional inverter welding power source.  

Last news

Expansion of the model range and changing the configuration

COMING SOON! SSVA-500 welding inverter
27 June 2018

Dear friends! Team of LLC "MAXIMA PLUS" is pleased to announce the kick-start production of a SSVA-500 multifunctional inverter welding current source at shortly.

Special offer on the occasion of the New Year and Christmas holidays!
1 January 2018

Dear friends! Team of LLC "MAXIMA PLUS" hearty congratulate you on the occasion of the New Year 2018 and bright holiday of the Nativity of Christ!

The new SSVA-180-P machine housing
1 October 2017

Satisfying needs of our many customers, launched release of SSVA‑180‑P semi-automatic welding machine in the new machine housing.

Product line extension
15 October 2016

Satisfying needs of our many customers, we released SSVA‑mini‑140