SSVA-mini “Samurai” Welding inverter

SSVA-mini “Samurai” Welding inverter


SSVA-mini “Samurai” — a multifunctional current source inverter — can be:

  • a direct current (DC) source for high-quality manual metal arc welding (MMA);
  • 12 V car battery charger/starter;
  • a DC source as a piece of equipment for gas-shielded arc welding with mechanized feeding of welding wire (MIG/MAG) (option);
  • a DC source as a piece of equipment for tungsten inert gas arc welding with contacting arc ignition (TIG) (option).


!!! Important note !!! Be sure to consult a seller or the manufacturer’s service center if you plan to use a machine at MIG/MAG and TIG modes.

PRICE: from 6700  UAH / from 6780  UAH including VAT
Item Value Note
Nominal voltage, V 220
Operating voltage range, V 165―275 Or a equivalent resistance of a electric grid is not more than 3 Ω
Operating ambient temperature range, °C -30…+45 There are no fundamental limitations for operation at lower temperatures
Consumed power (household electric grid 220 В, 16 А), kW, not over 2.7 (12 A) At output direct current to 110 A
Consumed power (household electric grid 220 В, 16 А), kW, not over 3.5 (16 A) At output direct current to 130 A
Consumed power (industrial electric grid 220 В, 25 А), kW, not over 5.5 (25 A) At output direct current to 160 A
No-load power, W, not over 35
Rated duty cycle, %, not less up to 130 А ― 100,
160 А ― 45
Overall efficiency, %, not less 87
Electrode diameter, mm 1.6―4.0 With any electrode coating
Wire diameter, mm 0.6―0.8 When used in conjunction with SSVA wire feeder
Output amperage adjustable range, A 5―160
Output voltage adjustable range, MIG/MAG mode, V 12.4―25.4
Insulation resistance at voltage of 2.5 kV, MΩ, not less 50 Standard ― 300
Dimensions (Length × Width × Height), mm 323 × 135 × 167 Without handle
Weight, kg, not over 5.5 Without welding cables

The use of inverter technologies with microprocessor control of arc parameters provides following advantages:

  • high power with small dimensions and weight;
  • exceptional energy-saving parameters;
  • stable welding parameters to any values of a welding current;
  • stable arc, independent of voltage fluctuations in electrical grid (165―275 V);
  • input voltage control system helps protect a machine from voltage surges up to 300 V;
  • function "Anti-Stick" (automatic reduction of welding current at a electrode sticking);
  • high workability, reliability and maintainability;
  • possibility of expanding functionality, improving consumer properties by updating a firmware (a software of a microcontroller).
  • SSVA-mini “Samurai” current source inverter — 1 pce
  • 2 m welding cable (КГ) 1 × 10 with MK 150 ABICOR BINZEL ground clamp — 1 set
  • 3 m welding cable (КГ) 1 × 10 with DE 2200 ABICOR BINZEL electrode holder — 1 set
  • Operation manual — 1 pce
Name Price of good (cost of service) for non-payers of VAT, UAH
 Connector mounting  for SSVA-PU/PU-3 200

We reserve the right to change technical specifications in order to improve reliability, improve consumer properties and add new functionality.