SSVA-PU Wire feeder

SSVA-PU Wire feeder


SSVA-PU welding wire feeder:

  • for gas-shielded arc consumable wire welding (MIG/MAG)
  • for operation in conjunction with a SSVA-160-2 inverter current source, as well as with SSVA-270


PRICE: from 5950  UAH / from 6060  UAH including VAT
Item Value Note
Nominal voltage, V 20
Operating voltage range, V 14―100
Operating ambient temperature range, °C -30…+45
Consumed power, W, not over 25
Wire diameter, MIG/MAG mode, mm 0.8―1.0 It is possible to use a wire of 0.6 mm and 1.2 mm when installing a appropriate roller
Wire feed speed, MIG/MAG mode, m/min 2.0―15.0
Dimensions (Length × Width × Height), mm 480 × 145 × 240
Weight, kg, not over 7.3 Without welding torch

SSVA-PU distinctive features are:

  • high allowable power voltage, supply is carried out directly from the welding arc source;
  • absence of power switching elements;
  • welding current is switch off by controlling the power board;
  • reliable two-roller feeding mechanism with adjustable clamping force;
  • international standard connector for connecting the torch;
  • digital setting and stabilization of feed rate;
  • wide range of feed rates (2―15 m/min);
  • accelerated rewinding when refueling wire with shutdown of gas supplyasy-to-use wire dressing.


  • SSVA- PU welding wire feeder — 1 pce
  • Interface connector with wires* to install in a SSVA welding inverter — 1 set
  • Welding torch for welding at MIG/MAG mode (ABIMIG® GRIP A 155 LW 3 м KZ-2) — 1 set
  • Operation manual — 1 pce


* Installes in a SSVA welding inverter housing; after place into circuitry, allows the wire feeder to control a  welding inverter

Name Price of good (cost of service) for non-payers of VAT, UAH
 Package contents without welding torch from 5750 / 5880

We reserve the right to change technical specifications in order to improve reliability, improve consumer properties and add new functionality.