SSVA-180-P Welding inverter

SSVA-180-P Welding inverter


SSVA-180-P — a multifunctional current source inverter — can be:

  • a direct current (DC) source for gas-shielded arc welding with mechanized feeding of welding wire of 0.6―1.0 mm (MIG/MAG);
  • a DC source with adjustable current-voltage characteristic (CVC) slope for manual metal arc welding (MMA) with coated electrodes of 1.6―5.0 mm with any type of coating and an output current up to 190 A;
  • a DC source as a piece of equipment for tungsten inert gas arc welding with contacting arc ignition (TIG) (also possible to install an oscillator unit for non-contact ignition);
  • 12 V car battery charger/starter.
PRICE: from 16200  UAH / from 16500  UAH including VAT
Item Value Note
Nominal voltage, V 220
Operating voltage range, V 165―275 Or a equivalent resistance of a electric grid is not more than 4 Ω
Operating ambient temperature range, °C -30…+45 There are no fundamental limitations for operation at lower temperatures
Consumed power (household electric grid 220 В, 16 А), kW, not over 2.7 (12 A) At output direct current to 110 A
Consumed power (household electric grid 220 В, 16 А), kW, not over 3.5 (16 A) At output direct current to 140 A
Consumed power (industrial electric grid 220 В, 25 А), kW, not over 5.5 (25 A) At output direct current to 160 A
Consumed power (industrial electric grid 220 В, 25 А), kW, not over Short-term, 0.2 s,
6.7 (30 А)
at mode of manual metal-arc welding (MMA) with maximum settings at breaking away of a arc
No-load power, W, not over 40 ~ 10 with stopped fans
Maximum short-circuit current, A ~ 250
Rated duty cycle, %, not less up to 135 А ― 100,
160 А ― 60
Overall efficiency, %, not less 88
Power factor (cos φ) 0.67
Electrode diameter, mm 1.6―5.0 With any electrode coating
Wire diameter, MIG/MAG mode, mm 0.6―1.0 Wire diameter 1.2 mm or more is not recommended
Wire feed speed, MIG/MAG mode, m/min 1.5―10.0 A upper limit of speed depends on a setting voltage. Possible speed is up to 15 m/min
Output voltage adjustable range, MIG/MAG mode, V 7.8―25.4
Output amperage adjustable range, MMA mode, A 5―190
Insulation resistance at voltage of 2.5 kV, MΩ, not less 50 Standard ― 300
Dimensions (Length × Width × Height), mm 480 × 300 × 270
Weight, kg, not over 15 Without welding cables and torch

The use of inverter technologies with microprocessor control of arc parameters provides following advantages:

  • high power with small dimensions and weight;
  • exceptional energy-saving parameters;
  • stable welding parameters to any values of a welding current;
  • stable arc, independent of voltage fluctuations in electrical grid (165―275 V);
  • at MIG/MAG mode, extremely comfortable welding of thin metals;
  • input voltage control system helps protect a machine when connected to a 380 V electrical grid;
  • "Hot-start", "Arc-Force", "Anti-stick" modes facilitate work in hard-to-reach locations, allow welding even for beginners;
  • intelligent cooling control system provides a maximum duty cycle factor;
  • a internal scheme provides a limiter of no-load voltage, that allows safe welding operations in wells, inside tanks, in damp areas;
  • high workability, reliability and maintainability;
  • possibility of expanding functionality, improving consumer properties by updating a firmware (a software of a microcontroller).
  • SSVA-180-P current source inverter — 1 pce
  • 3 m welding cable (КГ) 1 х 16 with MK 400 ABICOR BINZEL ground clamp — 1 set
  • 3 m welding cable (КГ) 1 х 16 with DE 2300 ABICOR BINZEL electrode holder — 1 set
  • Welding torch (ABIMIG® GRIP A 155 LW or MB15 EVO PRO 3,00 м KZ-2) — 1 set
  • Operation manual — 1 pce
Name Price of good (cost of service) for non-payers of VAT, UAH
 Package contents without welding torch 15750 / 16020 (including VAT)
 New SSVA-180-P (A155) with an mounted oscillator 20600 / 20850 (including VAT)
 New SSVA-180-P with an mounted oscillator without a welding torch 17500 / 17730 (including VAT)
 Oscillator mounting in a previously used welding machine 1700 / 2040 (including VAT)
 Replacement of a feeding mechanism to a SSJ-15 4-roller feeder for new welding machine (customised; specify a timing of order) 1800 (including VAT)
(may vary depending in the euro)
 2nd gas valve mounting 400 / 480 (including VAT)
 Polarity reversal 200 / 240 (including VAT)

We reserve the right to change technical specifications in order to improve reliability, improve consumer properties and add new functionality.