SSVA-350 – multifunctional inverter welding power source

As of now types and modes welding are available:

  • MMA – manual metal arc welding;
  • MIG/MAG – gas-shielded arc welding with mechanized feeding of welding wire:
    •  short-circuit metal transfer mode;
    •  spray metal transfer mode;
    •  two “PULSE MIG/MAG” (pulsed welding) modes: simple and advanced. Aluminum welding in argon is possibility.
  • TIG – tungsten inert gas arc welding with contacting arc ignition – with сrater filling;
  • Spotter – resistance welding.
PRICE: from 26970  UAH / from 26970  UAH including VAT
Item Value Note
Nominal voltage, V 3×380 Voltage tolerance: -15...+10 %
Operating ambient temperature range, °C -30…+45 There are no fundamental limitations for operation at lower temperatures
Consumed power, kVА, not over 17
No-load power, W, not over 45
Current rating of automatic circuit-breaker, А 40
Rated duty cycle, %, not less up to 250 А ― 100,
360 А ― 60,
380 А ― 50
Overall efficiency, %, not less 89
Power factor (cos φ) 0,9
Electrode diameter, mm 1,6―6,0+ With any electrode coating
Wire diameter, MIG/MAG mode, mm 0,8―1,2
Output voltage adjustable range, MIG/MAG mode, V 0,0―38,0  30―550 А
Output amperage adjustable range, A 0―380 In MMA welding
Insulation resistance at voltage of 2.5 kV, MΩ, not less 50
Ingress protection rating ІР23
Welding processes MIG/MAG/MMA/TIG/ spot welding
Dimensions (Length × Width × Height), mm 650 × 225 × 330
Weight, kg, not over 19,0 Without welding cables



SSVA-350 – multifunctional inverter welding power source – is:

  • a powerful industrial welding inverter;
  • maximum welding current is 380 A; at a nominal welding current of 250 A rated duty cycle is 100 %, at a nominal welding current of 360 A – not less than 60 %;
  • most advanced circuit engineering, fully digital control by a powerful ARM-microcontroller with a Cortex core for real-time applications;
  • industrial protection level of the board;
  • a large color display with convenient control by a joystick;
  • available welding types: MMA, MIG/MAG, TIG, mode of a "spot welder";
  • in MIG/MAG mode, welding can be with using of technology of short-circuit metal transfer, spray metal transfer, pulsed welding, STT (test mode)
  • SSVA-350 current source inverter — 1 pce
  • 4 m welding cable (КГ) 1 × 50 with MK 600 ABICOR BINZEL ground clamp — 1 set
  • Operation manual — 1 pce

We reserve the right to change technical specifications in order to improve reliability, improve consumer properties and add new functionality.