Oscillator mounting


Currently, oscillator mounting is possible for SSVA-160-2 and SSVA-180-P, as well as for SSVA-270 and for SSVA-270-P model in the new housing.


Oscillator mounting offers the following functions for SSVA users:

  • mounting and control of an additional gas valve
  • non-contact arc ignition in TIG mode
  • parameter setting such as “preflow”* and “postflow”** time in TIG mode
  • existence of another “pilot” arc mode for TIG welding


The cost of oscillator mounting for VAT non-payers, UAH:

Model Cost of service
A new welding machine: SSVA-270, SSVA-270-P 1 700
A previously used welding machine: SSVA-160-2, SSVA-180-P, SSVA-270, SSVA-270-P (only for a welding machine in a new housing) 1 700


For SSVA-160-2 and SSVA-180-P modification with a pre-mounted oscillator is possible


*”Preflow” ― supply of the shielding gas before the arc striking
**”Postflow” ― supply of the shielding gas after extinguishing the arc